Dinner 6/15

Wow! This was tasty, and the colors made it even better!

Before this journey, I was as close to a vegetarian as one could come, without actually declaring myself “vegetarian”. I would swerve away from the meat section when I was in the grocery store, and the thought of touching raw meat sent shivers down my spine. It was never an active thought to avoid meat, I just didn’t like it.

But…when you work out and strength train, you need protein. I was only getting 900 calories a day – that’s not enough to bulk up!

When I made this meal, I came home from work around 6:30, and we decided to head out to the gym around 8:30pm (which is now our usual gym time). So I had 2 hours to spare. Rather than my easy-cheat-meal, I opted to begin cooking up some of the meat we had in our fridge.

The result? One of the most delicious meals I’ve made in a LONG time. Roasted potatoes and asparagus, pan steaks, and pan-seared chopped onions.

I haven’t used butter in any meals for about 5 years, so it was pretty easy to make this meal with only olive oil, some salt, and seasoning. My go-to seasonings are garlic/onion powder, lemon-pepper, turmeric (for the joints!), and some lemon juice. Usually, those seasonings bring out the natural flavors of the foods very well.


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