Clean Eating

One of the biggest challenges for me when I began this journey, was learning how to eat correctly. I ate so little!

I have never had an issue eating healthy foods, I’ve never been on a diet to lose weight, and it all came naturally to me. I’m sure you’re wondering, then, why on earth eating clean was difficult for me!

I’ve never counted calories, but a number of sites suggested that before beginning strength training, that I count my calories for an entire week. On top of that, I counted fats, protein, etc. That means, I couldn’t ignore the jolly rancher that I grabbed as I left the office, or the half a bite of a Snickers bar. I had to count everything.

Now, I came out of that week expecting that I ate more calories than I expected. But in fact, it was the opposite. I was getting about 900 calories a day. THAT IS BAD. I had been keeping my body in a constant state of a calorie deficit. I would never build muscle if I continued to eat so little. And the thing is – I never feel hungry! How was I going to double my calorie intake…without feeling like a stuffed mushroom by the end of the day?

So, as I began eating more, I’ve learned to prep for my meals. I’ll try to remember to update this page with some of the foods I’m eating, how I’m managing, and remembering to keep up my protein intake. (Can anybody say whey protein shakes ga-lore!)


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